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Rules for Song Submission

1) You may only use vocal samples that are in the public domain or that you have the legal rights to use. You cannot use samples that are under copyright or from Youtube, that are under a ‘Standard Youtube License’. Any usage of pirated vocal samples is not allowed.

2) You may send the audio file(s) in either MP3 or FLAC format. Other formats such as WAV, AAC, etc will not be accepted.

3) While we are open to artists leaving DSCN anytime they want, the artist needs to release a minimum of 3 songs through us and then the artist can either choose to stay with DSCN or go independent/join another record label. Violation of this rule will result in a ban from the label.

4) You may submit an artwork/cover for the single(s)/EP/Album. Make sure to submit a square picture in 3000x3000 px resolution or higher. However, this is optional and if you don't submit an artwork/cover, we will make one for you.

5) You may also submit a visualizer / lyric video/music video along with the audio file. However, this is also optional and if no video is attached then the audio will be put on the artwork/cover of the song and posted on our YouTube channel.



Music Producer

My Name is Alan Skindro

I Produce future bass, future bounce, future house, slap house, bass house & trap, tropical house, progressive house, deep house, lo-fi, reggae.

And Got Sign By Future House Cloud also Chill Nation & Vlog No Copyright



Music Producer

My Name is SAXSN

It's been a year and a half since I started producing under the name SAXSN. I am from India. My DAW is FL Studio 20.



Music Producer

I started playing the piano about 8 years ago so my Music Theory was already very good when I started producing. I first got GarageBand on my MacBook just over 2 years ago and got an upgrade to logic at the start of March 2019. I uploaded it to YouTube for the first time at the end of that month. It was a screen recording of the project file for my first track in Logic, 'Relay'. I kept uploading to my YouTube channel, and I released music to Spotify for the first time in July 2019.

I'm also the co-owner of a Music community called Spotlist Network which was founded in June 2020. The aim is to help artists get more streams on Spotify by having submissions to our Spotify Playlists, which have over 2,500 followers combined. The discord server is growing extremely fast recently, we hit 300 members less than 2 weeks ago and now we have about 450 members. We do monthly events and giveaways. Our main goal is for our Spotify Playlists to individually reach 1,000 followers.